Monday, July 20, 2009

Bells in the Final Program

As part of our final program, the children rang their bells to the tune of "I've got a home in Gloryland."The parents loved this part of the program and we left a set of bells with the International Baptist church in St. Paul de Vence. We wish them many happy bell concerts.

La bataille d'eau

The kids loved the last day when we had a water fight for sports.

La Prière du Seigneur.

McNair and Christine lead the Zebras ( ages 9-12) in learning the Lord's Prayer in French and English.

Ping pong

At the International Baptist church, everyone could play games on the porch. Stephen is about to serve in ping pong.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Nice to visit the beach. Reagan, Daniel, Kaleb and Katelyn enjoyed the water. A jellyfish ( une meduse) swam by, creating panic. A water patrol boat came to scoop it up. The beach is rocky and stoney, rather than sandy. But we had fun anyway.

On mange bien ici.

Nancy Painter keeps a table of snacks and drinks out in the hall all day. In this hot, dry climate, the children need to drink constantly. Kaleb Reilly helps serve milk. All the students have been so willing to help wherever needed. Today is " all hands on deck" for our final program.


Helping with the youngest group, "les singes," during the first week of VBS in Marseille, Kyle's booming voice brought the rambunctious children to attention. This week, Kyle has been using his deep bass to impress the VBSers as he plays M. Bakari, the safari guide out to capture the Cracatou to get money for a new jeep. From his evil laugh to his baby-talking the Cracatou once he discovers the hurt bird, Kyle brings fun and masculinity to the skit :D
Outside the morning skit, though, Kyle also helps keep the energetic kids in line and translates directions and biblical applications into French for the francophone children.